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Creative Crew Workshops in the Arts of Entertainment 

Creative Crew Coaches are award winning, working professionals in their fields of expertise.

Workshops will be available live in the studio as well as via Zoom.

Workshops will be conducted with dates coming soon.

Creative Crew’s workshops will Include:

Acting for Camera,



Voice Overs in Commercials & Animation,

Music Production,

Documentary Programming,


Producing and Writing,

Performing Comedy.

Workshop Topics are: 

Improvisation- The Jesters,

Acting For the Camera,

Demystifying Voice Over,

Audiobook Narration,

Commercial Voiceover Day,

Broadcast and Podcasts.

Workshop Descriptors: 

The Acting Program:

The Acting Program is a comprehensive program for individuals from all walks of life who aspire to membership in a growing organization of people who call themselves actors or who are interested in learning more effective ways of communicating with others.

Demystifying Voiceover:

You've been thinking that you might like to give Voiceover a try, right?  But where do you begin? Start here!  

Take this seminar with a Voiceover coach who will answer your questions and unravel any mystery about this super fun, sometimes complicated, creative industry and art form called Voiceover.

Explain and Define:

*Where to Begin Your VO Journey,

*The Industry Expectations & Requirements of the Voiceover Actor,

*Where To Access Auditions,

*How Voice Actors Procure Jobs,

*VO Genres,

*……………. And More,

*Followed by a Q & A.

Know What It's All About Before You Take the Leap! Audiobook Narration VO Workshop:

A masterclass you won't want to miss, featuring the extraordinary Audie Award specializing in character development, accents & dialects, hosted by a voiceover coach.

Join for an engaging comprehensive insight into the exciting and ever-so-popular voice acting genre of Audiobook Narration.  

Learn About:

*The Process of Breaking Into the Business,

*Auditioning or Bidding For the Job,

*Working With Authors, Publishers & the Differences,

*The Art Form & Techniques of Storytelling,

*Character Development, Accents & Dialects,

*Home Studio Equipment & Its Importance for Success,

*Recording, Editing & How Best to Avoid the Inherent Glitches,

*Q & A.

If you've ever dreamed about narrating Audiobooks or are a narrator seeking inspiration from an award-winning expert and passionate, delightful professionals, don't miss this event!......wait, let me say that again....."Don't Miss This Event!!”

LET'S HEAR WHATCHA GOT! - Commercial Voiceover Day 

Explore Your VO Acting Prowess or Possibilities:

Join the Voiceover coach as they direct you in commercial reads (cold & rehearsed) from serious too funny.  

Plan to:

*Flex Your Imagination "Muscle",

*Discover or Re-Discover Your Natural Instincts In Reading Ad Copy,

*Utilize Safe Vocal Warm-Ups,

*All Commercial Scripts Will Be Provided, 

*VO Skills & Tools to Take Home With You,

*Exercise & Discover Your VO Acting Skills Whether a Beginner or a Working Pro - Come Workout & Have Fun!,

*Identify Your Uniqueness, Special Style of Delivery, and/or "Voiceprint".

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