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New for March 2024

Pursuit to Algiers - Sherlock Holmes.jpg

GoldenNetwork.TV has added several more movies because of requests coming from our audience. Sherlock Holmes is always on the top of our list so "The Pearl of Death" and "Pursuit of Algiers" are added along with fun musicals, "Neptune's Daughter" and "Fiesta", both Esther Williams features will make you smile.

Our team is now producing several new series to be released soon that will not only be entertaining you but will also be informative on subjects that seem to make some of us (the fifty plus folks) scratch our heads. Health, travel, legal, our pets, and family matters that will have sensible answers in shows delivered by professionals that really help.

Spring is on the way, and we're so pleased to be able to bring you, our audience, good quality programming. Thank you for your support and keep your ideas and requests coming. Temma Keatan Hammond, founder GN.TV

To submit requests or ideas email us at:

Real Cowboys, Original Series

Golden Network.TV released our first Original Series on ROKU, "REAL COWBOYS". This new series was written and produced exclusively for GN.TV, honoring the past and welcoming our future.

Real Cowboys is an adventure, following classic shows that depicted the Old West and how today's society gives the cowboys and cowgirls newer freedoms of the western lifestyles.

GN.TV is proud to add these programs for you, our audiences. Enjoy, and as always, we look forward to your comments. Temma Keatan Hammond, Founder GN.TV

Comments and suggestions always welcome. Send them to:

Real Cowboys - Episode One Movie Poster - For Rhebus Series Poster 800x450.jpeg

The Mats Project PSA

Helping to solve problems: The Mats Project.

We recently completed a Public Service Announcement for The Mats Project. This effort creates crochet bed mats for those experiencing homelessness in the Las Vegas area.

     Golden Network.TV is Proud to Feature the  Author and Star of One of the Longest Running                                                    One-Man Comedies in Broadway History!

Jane Evers and Steve Solomon

See them on the Channel on Roku. You can visit Steve's website at


To purchase one of Steve's books, visit  

Audience Participation would like to have your comments and idea's on how GoldenNetwork.TV is producing programs for you and your families. Our Network was designed for an audience to enjoy and your feedback helps us provide just that for you.  Being a family in the entertainment world is our goal.

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