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New for September 2023

Fall is about to enter the picture and we're going to be bringing our audiences enjoyable classic programs and several new presentations to our Network.

The wonderful world of mysteries that were so well produced, such as Sherlock Holmes in DRESSED TO KILL are now being seen. Having the entire series of fourteen films starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce is soon to be a GN.TV exclusive.

Watch for Golden Network.TV on ROKU bringing what you, our audiences are requesting. "Show Talk," hosted by Steve Solomon and Jane Evers will be updating new programming on ROKU and our Facebook page to keep you informed regularly.

Thank you for keeping us informed so we follow the standards of what our audiences want.

Happy (almost) Fall season. Temma Keatan Hammond CEO, GN.TV

Sherlock Holmes - Dressed To Kill 2.jpg

The Mats Project PSA

Helping to solve problems: The Mats Project.

We recently completed a Public Service Announcement for The Mats Project. This effort creates crochet bed mats for those experiencing homelessness in the Las Vegas area.

     Golden Network.TV is Proud to Feature the  Author and Star of One of the Longest Running                                                    One-Man Comedies in Broadway History!

Jane Evers and Steve Solomon

See them on the Channel on Roku. You can visit Steve's website at 

Audience Participation would like to have your comments and idea's on how GoldenNetwork.TV is producing programs for you and your families. Our Network was designed for an audience to enjoy and your feedback helps us provide just that for you.  Being a family in the entertainment world is our goal.

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