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Welcome to Golden Network.TVTM

Bringing positive, wholesome, and encouraging entertainment to the Senior Community.

Enjoy our wide variety of content for the senior lifestyle: exclusive comedy shows, classic Hollywood films, memorable television shows, and new shows such as Real Cowboys.

Simply use your Roku device or television to access our network, streaming all day, everyday...always free!

Click on the video to listen to the sound.

We also offer video production services in Northern & Southern Nevada.

Golden Network.TV is Proud to Feature the Author and Star of One of the Longest Running One-Man Comedies in Broadway History!
Steve Solomon.jpg

       Golden Network.TV is pleased to feature Steve Solomon in his one-man comedy show presented
exclusively on ROKU.   Visit Steve's website at
                                   To purchase one of Steve's books, visit  

              New News from Golden Network.TV 

GN.TV believes in sharing Good News! We're pleased to let our audiences know that each month they can find new and old Classic Movies and TV series with major stars. shares important information with our audiences from the Social Security Administration, Music Mends Minds, and other non-profits to enhance the lives of seniors and their families. 

Our GN.TV Facebook page gives out that information for your enjoyment.  Stay tuned for more Good News. You can also click on the "New News" link above to see more information about upcoming events. 

Thank you for being our extended family, Temma Keatan Hammond CEO & Founder Golden Network.TV

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